B2G Events

Aerospace & Technology Committee Meeting 1 day 20 November, 2017, 04:00 PM |

The objective of the Meeting is to discuss the Chamber Aerospace & Technology Committee’s priorities and respective action plan

Seeds Committee Meeting 2 days 21 November, 2017, 12:00 PM |

Factorial analysis of current trends on markets of seeds and crop protection products by Ukragroconsult, as well as update on the current issues will be discussed

Tax Committee Meeting 2 days 21 November, 2017, 04:00 PM |

The Meeting will be devoted to discussion of Draft Law "On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine regarding Control of Transfer Pricing in Order to Implement the Plan to Combat the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)" developed by the Working Group under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine; recent developments regarding exit capital tax initiative; next steps and expectations regarding the Financial Intelligence Service

The Meeting was devoted to the discussion of current version of the Draft Labor Code of Ukraine, its progressive provisions and provisions that require improvement

Healthcare Committee Meeting 15 November, 2017, 04:00 PM |

The Meeting was devoted to the discussion of Draft Law #2162-d “On Medicinal Products”, initiated by MPs Olga Bogomolets, Oleg Musiy and others

The meeting was devoted to discussion and finalization of the Chamber Antimonopoly Roadmap, draft version of which was developed based on the results of the Chamber Survey on Antimonopoly Issues

The Meeting was devoted to the discussion of  Law #3773-VI “On Peculiarities of Certain Aspects of Employment of Foreign Citizens”. Meeting participants had a great opportunity to present their comments and proposals on potential amendments to Law #3773-VI

Panel Discussion "Macroeconomic Outlook & Forecast for Ukraine" 13 November, 2017, 04:00 PM |

Panel Discussion focused on key indicators of macroeconomic situation in Ukraine and on Western markets as well as on inflation forecasts and foreign currency exchange indexes dynamics

The Meeting was devoted to the discussion of the issues of appeal of tax notification decisions or other decisions of controlling bodies during administrative appeal by taxpayers as well as other actual issues for business community

IPR Committee Meeting 09 November, 2017, 04:00 PM |

Discussion was focused on Draft Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine with respect to Improving of Legal Protection of Inventions and Utility Models” recently published at the web-site of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and its potential implications on patent rights protection

Joint IT and HR Committees Meeting 09 November, 2017, 02:00 PM |

The Meeting was devoted to the discussion of Global Human Capital Trends in 2018 and the role of innovative information technologies in HR management