The procedure of customs control and customs clearance of goods containing objects of intellectual property will be discussed during the workshop

Workshop "Ask an Expert" 12 April, 2018, 05:00 PM |

Participants had an opportunity to to get answers on how to avoid difficulties in the process of interaction with customs authorities and misunderstanding of the position of the customs authority in certain issues

Equipping men and leaders with actions they can take to intentionally recruit, retain and advance women has been determined to be the missing key to unlocking business and economic growth. In a refreshing, unique and direct way Rania covered this topic and presented four types of actions that leaders and managers and colleagues can use

Participants had an opportunity to take part in the interesting and interactive group discussion to express opinion and to get inspired and motivated by women leaders

The workshop was devoted to the discussion of “Single Window” system as well as its advantages and disadvantages

During a meetup with experts participants discussed changes to the procedural codes

Right before the International Women's Day, we created a special festive atmosphere and inspired WELDI participants for further achievements and developments. Recent WELDI Business Breakfast was devoted to Philosophy of current fashion trends and personal style

The workshop was devoted to discussion of the practical and problematic issues related to the customs clearance

Being a leader is not only exciting but challenging too, and often we do not know all the hidden risks. So it's always good to have someone who can share own story. Susan Danger joined our session to tell participants more about secrets of leadership. Speaker of the session gained experience within her professional growth, and we were excited to listen to her recommendations

Knowledge Seminar "Chatbots for Business" 25 January, 2018, 10:00 AM |

Chatbots are getting more and more popular and effective tool for business to interact with customers. Ukrainian business is highly interested in applying them to be well presented online, open new communication channel with customers, unload some operation processes and other reasons

WELDI Business Breakfast “Celebrating Team Achievement” 19 December, 2017, 08:30 AM |

Recognition and gratitude make people feel good about themselves and motivate for good work. That’s why this time we discussed how manager should sum up the results of the year, how to organize a New Year corporate celebration and how to make team feel recognized. Our speakers shared their experience on these questions

ISSP experts explained how hackers accomplish cyberattacks in Ukraine and in the world. Participants had an opportunity to find out more about the possible risks for their companies, the most innovative strategies and modern approaches to decrease cybersecurity threats and minimize damages for business