Workshop “Risk-Based Business Analytics Serving International Business” 2 days 26 September, 2018, 10:00 AM |

Employing risk-based business analytics in compliance analysis, risk-based business analytics as an integral part of corporate investigations and other questions will be discussed

In the modern world, new gadgets and software appear every day and it’s quite difficult to keep up with all the changes and innovations. At the same time innovations create opportunities we haven't even been able to imagine before. During the upcoming session together with Andriy Radevich from Google Ukraine, we will talk about Technologies That Will Change the World and Your Business

The importance of good communication skills can’t be overstated, especially in the era of #FakeNews and fast developing social media. Our guest speaker Yaryna Klyuchkovska is a well-known and highly professional expert in strategic and crisis communications, media training, public speaking. She will share her invaluable experience on communications as vital tool for a business leader and give advice on how to become a skilled leader-communicator and create value of participants' business through effective communications

Workshop TaxHUB 2.0 “Are You Ready for Tax Audit?” 18 September, 2018, 10:00 AM |

As the response to last year changes and recent tendencies related to tax audits, Deloitte legal and tax specialists shared their experience and tips regarding readiness to tax audit

To give participants the inspiration for the study, we started with some creative stuff. What is creativity? Can we learn to be creative? Does creativity exist in every sphere? These and many more questions were discussed during the session

The event was held to address current important tax issues

Our speaker, Tatyana Polyakova, guided us through proper international etiquette and provided useful lessons, including how to introduce yourself, how to greet your partner, what to order at restaurants, and how to behave respectfully in cross-cultural society

Participants of the seminar discussed new technologies and how to protect their companies from cyberattacks

Speakers provided Practical recommendations and tools for implementing bike activities in your company

Speakers shared their insights on how to grow a business and build a comprehensive security system that will be your fortress

During the event speakers demonstrated the approach Deloitte experts use to help companies transition into using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and discussed the five most topical issues participants chose during the workshop using an electronic voting system

Together with our speaker Vita Miroshnychenko, CEO of the CPTL Group, we reviewed myths about supply-chain specialists and learned about their responsibilities