Join us to discuss effective cooperation of business associations and government based on U.S. experience, WTO transparency system in regard to phytosanitary issues and other aspects

Join the workshop to discuss the order of rules of interpretation application, ways to determine the correctness of chosen UCG FAE for goods and other questions

Workshop TaxHUB 7.0 "Transition to IFRS: Complex Issues Made Easier" 7 days 25 March, 2019, 10:00 AM |

Some companies have already defined transactions that are subject to the review of accounting treatment and started to apply IFRS, while other organizations are only starting their IFRS transition journey. Our workshop is designed for both types of companies: some will be able to check correctness of the approach chosen for specific transactions, and others will be able to develop own approaches after communicating with the colleagues and Deloitte experts

Researches showed that emotional intelligence is twice as important as was IQ and technical ability in driving performance. At the most senior levels, it accounted for a 90% of the difference between the best and the rest. Participants had an opportunity to get insignts from Ascendis Consulting experts as well as find out of development tool "BLUE EQ"

Today quite a lot of Ukrainian businesses are working with non-residents. The knowledge seminar helped participants to understand what they should pay attention to while doing business with non-residents and how to prevent the negative consequences of the tax audit

Participants discussed the results of the second part of the project L.A.B. 2.0 – USA

Role of a customs broker in supply chain management, categories of interaction of the customs broker, development trends in foreign economic activity and customs brokerage services as well as other questions were discussed during the event

Experts introduced the application of main methodological techniques of Geological-Technological and Economic evaluations in accordance with international methodologies – PRMS and UNFC'09. Speakers also presented modern methodological approaches to Geological and Economic Evaluation of Hydrocarbons on the Ukrainian Oil and Gas market using R3 software by OGRE Systems Inc.

Our guest speaker Frank C. Laney shared practical advice on how to deal with conflicts via negotiations and avoid lawsuits; he also gave a thorough overview of the mediation process, along with practicing

Participants had an opportunity to look at declaration of taxes in a different way: not as an obligation to pay taxes, but as an opportunity to claim the refund of taxes that them have already paid

Winter Family Event "Light Up Christmas" 22 December, 2018, 11:00 AM |

Kids were not got bored as we have prepared an exciting Cryo Show, along with different other activities including watching cartoon "Polaris, the Space Submarine and the Mystery of the Polar Night" at the spherical cinema. Meanwhile, adults enjoyed networking with fellow Chamber members, delicious food and drinks, and walking around the territory

Our guest speakers shared their vision of fashion and style as well as gave useful tips on personal and corporate style