Workshop TaxHUB 6.0 "Declaring Income is Easy! Income Tax Return as a Family Budget Saving Tool"


Participants had an opportunity to look at declaration of taxes in a different way: not as an obligation to pay taxes, but as an opportunity to claim the refund of taxes that them have already paid.

If we talk about income declaration by individuals, there is a biased belief that completing and filing of an annual tax return is "more trouble than it is worth" – the process is unclear, complicated, and it takes a lot of time and nerve. In addition, an individual will have to pay taxes...

Few know that they can claim the refund on excess tax paid based on certain types of expenses incurred. And fewer consider an option of confirming their source of income (as well as the taxes paid on such income), especially when considering a worthwhile investment.

Paying for education of your children at a university, school or kindergarten? File your tax return and get back the amount sufficient to cover two months tuition.

Paying your mortgage loan for years? Declare it and get a refund for a portion of interest paid.

Have you installed gas equipment on your car? So why not recover almost one fifth of the refitment cost?

During the workshop, Deloitte experts helped participants with clarifying the following aspects:

  • Tax allowance: What is it? How to apply for it? What are the formalities?
  • Confirmation of income and sources of income: How? What for?
  • Tax return: How to prepare your tax return correctly. Where, when, and how to file a tax return


Deloitte speakers:

Victoria Chornovol, Partner, Tax and Legal department. Victoria leads personal income taxation practice in Ukraine. She has twenty years of experience in Ukrainian and international taxation.

Katerina Denysova, Manager, Tax and Legal department. Katerina has eight years of experience in personal income taxation in Ukraine. She specializes in providing personal income tax services to the employers and individuals in Ukraine.


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