Chamber "In-Focus" Meeting with the Leadership of Political Party "Samopomich"


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On November 14, Chamber held the "In-Focus" Meeting with representatives of Political Party "Samopomich" providing its Members with a great opportunity to discuss the party’s reforms agenda in agricultural sector, taxation and customs spheres, environmental policy, and other aspects raised during the current Coalition Agreement negotiations.

Mr. Taras Kachka, Chamber Acting President presented the speakers as representatives of the political party of “new generation”, stressing on the particular time for holding this meeting – ongoing dynamic process of negating the Coalition Agreement.

The Political Party “Samopomich” was represented by Mr. Ivan Miroshnichenko, Mr. Viktor Kryvenko, Ms. Tetyana Ostrikova, Mr. Ostap Yednak, and Mr. Oleksandr Opanasenko who updated the attendees not only on the structure and goals of “Samopomich” in the new convocation of the Parliament of Ukraine, but also about its vision of reforms in key spheres. Currently, the negotiations are held in 8 Working Groups which should agree on basic principles of functioning and reforming of respective spheres.


Mr. Ivan Miroshnichenko highlighted the key points related to development of agricultural sector:

  • Liberalization, reducing the number of documents and permits;
  • Privileged tax regime for agricultural producers;
  • Privatization / liquidation of inefficient state companies;
  • Harmonization with EU norms and markets’ integration;
  • Keeping fixed agricultural tax;
  • Programs on family farming development;
  • Fixing the issues of land rent and sub-rent along with adequate system of land valuation.


In her presentation Ms. Tetyana Ostrikova focused on:

  • Simplification of taxation system and changing the tax administration philosophy;
  • Separating tax police and fiscal service;
  • Reducing the number of taxes;
  • Cancelling the Draft Law regulating the system of electronic administration of VAT;
  • Introducing the financial liability for delays in VAT reimbursement, establishing terms for such reimbursement;
  • Approach to calculation of the income tax and real estate tax;
  • Reviewing current double taxation treaties and concluding new ones;
  • Combating “black” and “grey” imports to the customs territory of Ukraine;
  • Updating the customs valuation approach;
  • Vision on the local taxes and excise duties which are currently not included in the taxation system;
  • Reviewing the rates of excise duties for tobacco products and alcohol beverages.

In addition, representatives of Political Party “Samopomich” highlighted the importance of shaping the single and comprehensive economic strategy of the country, fighting corruption and introducing the responsibility of law enforcement agencies, and, of course, conducting all reforms in line with provisions of the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement.

It was suggested and agreed by the parties to introduce the permanent communication between the Chamber Committees and Working Groups and respective divisions of the Political Party “Samopomich”. Moreover, it was agreed that the newly elected MPs, once taking an oath in the VRU, are ready to use the tool of MP Request for clarifying the concerns of the business community represented by the Chamber.