WELDI Business Breakfast


We had already back to active work after summer break and it was a high time to resume our traditional WELDI Business Breakfasts with discussion of the interesting topic - Work-Life Balance.

Work, career and achievements are important for us. But we also want to have enough time for our families, friends and selves – i.e. for everything that makes us happy.


Speakers of this session seem to know the secrets of balancing between projects, meetings, conferences, personal development and life enjoyment.


Our speakers:

Elena Kravets - Actress, TV presenter, member of studio "Kvartal 95", founder of clothing brand for pregnant women. Together with her husband Sergey, Elena brings up three children: daughter Mariya and one-year-old twins – Vanya and Katya. Elena dedicates every minute to her children despite her tight work schedule.

Andy Hunder - President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, leading specialist in Public Affairs, Communications and Government Relations in Ukraine, native Londoner. Andy perfectly combines his everyday schedule, full of meetings and interviews with personal development and rearing of two sons.

Nadiia Vasylieva - General Manager in Microsoft Ukraine, leading expert in IT sphere, successful businesswoman, happy mother and a charming lady. Despite her busy agenda, Nadiia Vasylieva finds time for other programs - she is a permanent Moderator and Inspirer of WELDI initiative.