Meeting with Serhiy Shklyar, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine on Enforcement Service


On September 21, the Chamber held a meeting with Serhiy Shklyar, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine on Executive Service and representatives of the Department on State Executive Service.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister updated the participants on the current state of reform of executive  service, including the introduction of the private bailiffs service. According to him, 44 private bailiffs are currently registered and started their work. At the same time, currently a number of restrictions are imposed in regard to them: private bailiffs cannot execute documents over 6 mln UAH during first year of operations and 20 mln UAH – during the second year, as well as decisions against state bodies and companies. He also outlined that there are prevention mechanism to avoid involvement of private bailiffs into raiding and other criminal schemes. Also, Deputy Minister stressed that there is a significant difference between private bailiffs and collectors, as first, unlike the latter, operate in strictly defined legal field.

Other current issues, including issues related to execution of judgments, guaranteed by the state, were discussed. According to Deputy Minister, all such decisions are submitted for execution, but their execution depends on sufficient budget funding.