Upcoming Events

Meeting with Pavlo Kovtoniuk, Deputy Minister of Health 17 January, 2019, 02:30 PM |

Among the key issues discussed at the meeting were State Building Norms for healthcare facilities

Outcomes of the healthcare system transformation in 2018 and other questions were discussed

Meeting of the Working Group on Media & Communication 15 January, 2019, 04:00 PM |

The meeting was devoted to the topic "Content as a Top Trend in Digital Communications" that has been presented by Stanislav Shum, CEO & Founder of Top Lead, and followed by an open discussion

The first meeting of the Working Group on Hemodialysis was devoted to discussion of current status and future development of Healthcare reform in the sphere

Agricultural Committee Meeting 15 January, 2019, 02:00 PM |

We discussed the issue on determining tax VAT obligations in case of writing-off losses arising during transportation of grain cargoes

Agricultural Committee Meeting 09 January, 2019, 02:00 PM |

The meeting was devoted to shaping the Committee’s priorities for 2019

The meeting was devoted to the discussion of banking sector reforms with a focus on non-resident bank accounts in Ukrainian banks

The meeting was devoted to discussion of outcomes of the healthcare system transformation in 2018 and plans for 2019 in the framework of the secondary care reform

IPR Committee Meeting 27 December, 2018, 10:00 AM |

Meeting’s agenda was devoted to the latest developments in IP legislation

The meeting was devoted to the discussion of Ukraine’s media market development issues, improving respective legislative framework and initiatives, as well as possible ways of cooperation

Winter Family Event "Light Up Christmas" 22 December, 2018, 11:00 AM |

Kids were not got bored as we have prepared an exciting Cryo Show, along with different other activities including watching cartoon "Polaris, the Space Submarine and the Mystery of the Polar Night" at the spherical cinema. Meanwhile, adults enjoyed networking with fellow Chamber members, delicious food and drinks, and walking around the territory

"Believe in Lviv" Business Trip 21 December, 2018, 05:53 PM |

To make this trip both useful and unforgettable, we prepared an intense agenda filled with excursions to the best sites of Lviv, networking cocktails, meeting with Lviv City State Administration