Nutricia Ukraine (Nutricia Ukraine LLC with FI)


  • Директор:
    Сергій Ячменник
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    Київ, 04655, Просп. Степана Бандери, 28A
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    +38 (044) 594-8020
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    +38 (044) 364-0769
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Більше інформації

Danone Group Nutricia was established more 100 years ago in Holland. In 1896 Matrinus Van-Der-Hagen, owner of a small dairy factory in Zoetermeer, commenced exclusive production of the first-ever milk formulas on the basis of cow milk using a then unique technique of drying of milk in a furnace. Such milk formulas were the first in the a wide range of Nutricia products. At the beginning of the XX century Nutricia entered into close cooperation with leading medical specialists for development of special products. During the First World War Nutricia products were distributed free of charge. 

Today Nutricia products are present in more than 130 countries of the world, and its wide range meets the needs of all who need baby and clinical nutrition.

Nutricia Ukraine is strong multinational company with young and dynamic team! 

In Ukraine Nutricia has been represented since 1997. In 2007 Nutricia became part of the Danone Group. 

Since 2010 Nutricia Ukraine has been a leader in the milk formulas market, and we still maintain the leading position. Since 2014 year Nutricia Ukraine became reliable partner of “First 1000 days” international conception which maintains the fact that “what you do and eat in the first 1000 days, makes difference for the rest of your life”.