ДП "Національний культурно-мистецький та музейний комплекс "Мистецький Арсенал"


  • Директор:
    Олеся Островська-Люта
  • Адреса:
    Київ, 01010, Вул. Лаврська, 10-12
  • Пошта:
  • Телефон:
    +38 (044) 288-5225
  • Місто:
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National Cultural-Art and Museum Complex "Mystetskyi Arsenal" is one of Ukraine's most promising projects in the cultural field, and it is to become one of the world's largest museum and exhibition spaces in future.

The mission of Mystetskyi Arsenal is to combine the large amount of Ukrainian achievements and cultural initiatives into one conceptual national project, in order to present the Ukrainian historical and artistic heritage as part of world cultural heritage.

Mystetskyi Arsenal is already negotiating with the leading museums of Ukraine and the world in order to present collections of art masterpieces in Ukraine. Among them a big project on the heritage of Kazimir Malevich, international projects on contemporary art, exhibitions of works by Frida Kahlo, Edward Munch, Gustav Klimt and the masters of the Austrian Secession, Surrealist artists. In May 2012 Mystetskyi Arsenal plans to open ARSENALE - Ukrainian Biennale of Contemporary Art, which will be held in the spirit of the world's most famous biennials and will represent world's most renowned contemporary art in Ukraine.

Mystetskyi Arsenal team is confident that the project needs to establish new standards in the cultural life of Ukraine, generating positive changes both at national and international level.