Ad-hoc Meeting devoted to the e-Procurements System



On May 14, the Chamber held an Ad-hoc Meeting with participation of international public procurement experts Mr. David Marghania and Mr. Tato Urjumelashvili devoted to discussing the functioning of pilot e-procurement system Prozorro and possibilities for further extension of the same system to above-threshold procurements. 

In particular, the experts outlined the main features of the system, which allow simplifying the procedure for procurements and mitigating corruption risks: the bid with the lowest price, compliant with requirements is automatically selected; the system is fully transparent, as all bids are open for other participants; no need to submit hard version of documents for all bidders. As of now, the system is applied for the below-threshold as for other tenders legislation should be changed. 

Further discussion was concentrated on specific issues, which may arise following the application of such system in certain spheres, in particular, in pharma sector. 

As a result of the meeting it was decided to prepare a summarized list of issues, faced by the companies participating in public procurements, and possible ways of their resolution through the introduction of electronic system of public procurements. We encourage you to provide a top-5 issues in public procurements in your industry.