Anti-Corruption Working Group Meeting devoted to Private Prosecution Issues



On April 2, the Chamber Anti-Corruption Working Group held its regular meeting devoted to the private prosecution issues. In particular, discussion was focused on Draft Law #1165 “On Amendments to Current Legislation of Ukraine regarding Rights of Nationals in Combating Corruption and Abuse of Power” and a concept of the private prosecution by Mr. Vladyslav Sokolovskyi,Managing Partner, Sokolovskyi and Partners. 

As a result of the meeting, it was decided not to support this Draft Law, as the proposed mechanism does not reflect the essence of the private prosecution and potentially multiplies corruption risks. It was decided to develop the concept of the private prosecution, which includes such elements as: 

  • Absence of pre-trial investigation for certain crimes where no investigative operations needed;
  • Collection of evidences by attorney/civil representative;
  • Submission of case directly to the court. 

It was decided to discuss concrete crimes and mechanisms on the next meetings of the Working Group. We encourage all interested Members to provide their feedback in this regard.