Chamber Efforts Resulted in Adoption of Draft Law #1058 on Public-Private Partnership

On November 24, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Draft Law #1058 “On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding Elimination of Regulatory Barriers for Public-Private Partnership Development in Ukraine and Encouraging Investments”, thus fully supporting the Chamber Position thereon. 

The Chamber has continuously advocated the adoption of this Draft Law emphasizing that given the urgent need to improve the investment climate, creating favorable conditions for attracting private investments in renewal of infrastructure of Ukraine and the provisions of the Coalition Agreement, Reform Strategy -2020, the Government Action Program that defines the public-private partnership as an important mechanism for the implementation of reforms in defense, transport, health, and housing sectors, it is of utmost importance to adopt the Draft Law.  

We would like to thank all Chamber PPP & Infrastructure Expert Center Members for their active involvement and willingness to contribute to improving the Ukraine’s public-private partnership legislation.