Policy Progress: Ministry of Economy Took into Account Certain Chamber Proposals on Harmonizing the Permitting System of Ukraine

On August 29, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine published on its official website the proposals on amendments to legislative acts of Ukraine governing the permits issuance aimed on bringing them into conformity with the Laws of Ukraine "On Administrative Services" and “On Permitting System in the Field of Economic Activity”.

Chamber experts actively participated in drafting the mentioned proposals, namely provisions on:

   - requirements for the design, construction, development, production and use of new production facilities and technologies;

   - conclusions of the state ecological expertise;

   - requirements for the special water use.

These Chamber proposals were aimed at ensuring timely warning on reducing limits on special water use, protection of commercial secrecy, clarifying scope of application of the Law of Ukraine “On Ensuring Sanitary and Epidemic Safety of the Population”. Chamber will continue its advocacy activities aimed at further improvement of permits issuance system of Ukraine and due implementation of the needed amendments to the legislation.