B2G Events

Mr. Dubnevych briefed the participants on current legislative initiatives being revised by the VRU Committee and also possible cooperation with the Chamber

Discussion of GoU reforms progress and other issues

The meeting has been focused on current legislative developments to support the energy sector reform in Ukraine

Presentation covered land issues, administrative services; privatization, electronic auction, state control in business activities;  deregulation: economic freedom, registration of investments and printed media, amendments in foreign economic activities; initiatives in the sphere of freedom of speech and decriminalization of economic crimes

Ms. Bondar shared presentation "Business in Kyiv - What to Expect?” and highlighted such aspects as: ways to tackle the current situation with city planning documentation; possibility to have a transparent infrastructure of capital investments in Kyiv; current situation with regulation of advertising market in Kyiv

The Chamber invited all interested Members to the Round Table on Antimonopoly Reform in the Context of Association Agreement Implementation

Meeting took place with participation of Andrii Iarmak, Head of the Department on Aviation Transport, Ministry of Infrastructure and Sergiy Korshuk, Head of Department on European Integration and International Relations, State Aviation Service

The agenda of the meeting has been devoted to presentation of the State Expert Center’s vision of working process of specialized expertise on quality of medicinal products for 2016

The meeting will be devoted to discussion of the priorities for 2016, including simplification of tax administration

Discussion was focused on current issues in the sphere of justice and further steps, such as judicial reform, managing state registries, execution of judgments and security of new services

The meeting has been devoted to discussion of the Draft Law "On Amendments to the Customs Code of Ukraine regarding Authorized Economic Operator and Simplified Customs Formalities"

Oleksandr Zavgorodniy briefed the participants on certain numbers of Draft Financial Plan as well as on currently unsettled legislative issues related to land tax, fuel excise tax, establishment of National Commission on Regulation in Transport Sphere