Workshop TaxHUB 2.0 “Are You Ready for Tax Audit?”


As the response to last year changes and recent tendencies related to tax audits, Deloitte legal and tax specialists shared their experience and tips regarding readiness to tax audit, and invite participants to review:

  • Accounting, tax and legal steps on preparation to tax audit, in view of recent practice of tax authorities audits
  • Analysis of new Supreme Court decisions on tax disputes and their possible impact on tax authorities` audit strategy and companies` responses


During the event, we encourage to participate in workshops regarding the tax audit process and court practice. Participants had an opportunity to try themselves in different practical cases – from the start of the audit to the court hearings.

Deloitte speakers:

Dmytro Pavlenko, Director, Attorney, Ph.D. in law, Head of Legal practice. Dmytro has 12 years of experience in Deloitte, and over 14 years of experience in dispute resolution. He is also responsible for legal support of tax audits, tax litigations as well as other dispute resolution related projects.

Nataliia Pikozh, Senior Manager, Tax & Legal. Natalia  has more than 10 years of experience in accounting and taxation. Nataliia specializes in financial and tax accounting services for the legal entities and representative offices in Ukraine.

Maria Pasika, Manager, Tax & Legal. Maria has 5 years of experience in tax advisory and corporate taxation matters, support in M&A and tax support for audits.

Mykhailo Koliaidntsev, Attorney-at-Law, Senior Consultant, Legal group. Before joining Deloitte, Mykhailo had 10 years of experience in dispute resolution and legal advisory.

Roman Makarchuk, Consultant, Tax & Legal. Roman has 5 years of experience in tax consulting and dispute resolution (including representing of client's interests during tax audits and court proceedings). 


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