III Corporate Security Conference


Event has been organized jointly with Member Company Sayenko Kharenko and Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine.

The Conference was devoted to discussion of peculiarities of the relationship between business and the state, philosophy and opinions of business owners regarding business security, international security standards and practices, and specifics of the security and cybersecurity industry.

The agenda of the Conference included the following sessions:

  • The State and Business Security (Moderator: Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine)
  • Business Owners and Their Security Philosophy (Moderator: Sergey Pogrebnoy, Chairman of the Association of Corporate Security Professionals of Ukraine, partner at Sayenko Kharenko)
  • International Security Standards and Practices (Moderator: Hennadii Reznichenko, Co-Chairman of the Overseas Security Advisory Council in Ukraine)
  • The Security Industry (Moderators: Ivan Herasymovych, Risk and Security Director at Smart Holding, and Oleksandr Kardakov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Octave Capital)