Workshop "5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity®"


The event was organized jointly with Member Company "ULTIMATE EFFICIENCY. FranklinCovey in Ukraine".

Productivity is grounded to be one of the key advantages at work and in personal life. FranklinCovey Ukraine shared paradigm changes' approaches to stay focused on participants' most important goals and tasks daily.

Participants had an opportunity to learn how to:

  • Act on the important
  • Go for extraordinary solutions and set up
  • Schedule "big rocks®" = prioritize
  • Rule your technology and not vice versa
  • Fuel your fire but not burn out to balance work & life



Dmytro Tretiak

FranklinCovey Ukraine, CEO, "Ultimate Efficiency Consulting". Within Procter & Gamble, Dmytro managed top 10 countries within hub team in Geneva including marketing and strategy planning, sales, G2M, people management, merges, acquisitions etc. Dmytro was also a FranklinCovey Corporate Trainer in Procter & Gamble. Also Mr. Tretiak served as Marketing and Portfolio Management Director in Tetra Pak CIS.



The event was organized jointly with: