Business Breakfast "Reputation as a Phenomenon. Achieving Reputation as a Goal That is Directly Linked to Success in Society"


Monitoring and managing reputation of company is more important now than it ever was. It is based on consumers' perception. Understanding this, our guest speaker Borys Tisenhausen gave participants basic guidelines about what is reputation and how to develop and maintain it.

In particular, participants discussed:

  • Why manage and maintain the reputation?
  • Online reputation management: warm and fuzzy brands are not in trend
  • The list of reputation management measures. Pay or don't pay to media
  • How did the top manager kill the company's reputation? Brand's depersonalization


Oleksandr Shulyak told about Avialiga and services it provides. In particular:

  • Management tours to Finland and Ireland. Education, business and even more
  • Business tours to the USA. Ambitious ideas that changed the world: secret production of Tesla, Amazon's army of robots, digital solutions of Quid, phenomena of Facebook and others


Participants also had an opportunity to learn about 100 years of Hertz history from Veronika Kravchenko:

  • Company's history. First in industry
  • Phenomena of personality of John Hertz
  • Today's strategy: Who we are, what we do and why we do it



Borys Tisenhausen

Reputation Management Expert


Oleksandr Shulyak

CEO, Avialiga


Veronika Kravchenko

Sales Manager, Hertz International in Ukraine



The event was organized jointly with: