AmCham Business School Session "Resolving Conflicts Within the Team: Algorithm or EQ"


On April 24, we had the 2nd session of AmCham Business SchoolThe Art of Negotiation "Resolving Conflicts Within the Team: Algorithm or EQ", launched jointly with ADER HABERKyiv Mohyla Business School and Ukrainian Mediation Center.

This time the participants learned about conflict resolution algorithms, management of negative emotions in negotiations and even solved real-life cases.

Key messages:

  • The nature of negotiations is chaotic. Instead, the application of conflict resolution algorithms gives you the sense of control over the entire process
  • Conflict resolution algorithms include the application of the 7 elements of the Harvard Negotiation Method, presence of the 3 groups of competences and adherence to the certain mediation stages
  • The 3 groups of competences include: building relationships, managing the process and working with the content
  • Among the mediation stages there are preparation, discovery, study of interests, search for variants and agreement
  • Negative emotions implicate the negotiation process. By addressing the 5 concerns (appreciation, affiliation,autonomy,status and role) one can be successful and effective in dealing conflicts and negotiations



Olga Shepel, Director, Ukrainian Mediation Center (Kyiv Mohyla Business School).

Olga is a Mediator at the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (Great Britain) as well as at the Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Olga is psychologist-psychoanalyst and has master's degree in international management.


How to behave during negotiations, what to ask for, how to build rapport – all these are frequently asked questions before negotiations. To answer them, we launched the new semester of AmCham Business School – The Art of Negotiation organized jointly with ADER HABERKyiv Mohyla Business School and Ukrainian Mediation Center.

Stay tuned with us and mark your calendars with upcoming sessions:

Wednesday, May 15 – Techniques of meaningful dialogue
Wednesday, May 29 – Perception traps in communication
Wednesday, June 12 – How to negotiate with a stronger opponent – strategies for success
Wednesday, June 26 – Trust as a part of the negotiation process

You are welcome to take the whole course and attend all the sessions or select only the topics relevant for you. Those who attend 4 to 6 sessions will receive a certificate of the course completion.