Fifth Session of the Experience Sharing Platform "Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast" within the Chamber HR Committee


The Platform is aimed at sharing experience and practical knowledge between professionals and young specialists in HR sphere.

The fifth Session was devoted to the topic "Flexibility in the Workplace".

Speakers and agenda:

  • Irina Markina, HR Director, Danone and Maria Dovbnya, Talent Development Manager, Danone – "Flexible Schedule as the Part of Wellbeing and Engagement"
  • Marina Ivantsova,Co-Chair of the Chamber HR Committee, HR Director, Carlsberg Ukraine – "Flexibility in the Workplace: Case of Carlsberg Ukraine"
  • Olena Nekrasova, HR Manager, NETWAVE – "Flexibility in the Systemic Integration of NETWAVE"


The Session has been moderated by Olga Levchenko, Chamber HR Committee Co-Chair, Procter & Gamble Ukraine.