Workshop "Big Marketing Talks: Challenges of the Year"


The Event was organized jointly with Chamber Member company UMG and company Die Kulturträger. 

During the seminar we discussed impact points in Ukrainians' lives, perception of brand manifestos and how to apply it all to your business

Social, cultural and technological transformations in society force people to change their behavior, habits, and choices. The society also faces different impact points that make people both more vulnerable and open. Consequently, some opportunities for business appear, such as to be heard, to build a dialogue and become a friend who will listen to or support.

In particular, the seminar was focused on discussing the following points:

  • What hurts Ukrainians today?
  • How to build a dialogue with your customers?
  • How to talk with customers in order to get their attention and involvement and what to talk about?



Kirill Skikevich

Head, Die Kulturträger. Kirill has more than 20 years of experience in strategic, brand and communication planning for leading international and Ukrainian companies, such as Carlsberg, Lifecell, Kyivstar, Danone, TRC Ukraine, FUIB, etc. His agency specializes in strategic brand planning, exploring people's behavior and sociocultural trends in society.


Results of the research by Chamber Member company UMG has been presented during the knowledge seminar. This spring UMG experts compared answers and declarations of respondents with their subconscious reactions as well as studied the attitude of consumers towards the brand's position on key social issues. Natalia Bukhalova, General Director, UMG told more about:

  • What forms of manifestos work in Ukraine?
  • How do Ukrainians perceive resonant manifestos of international brands?
  • When the brand says something openly, how do consumers perceive it?
  • What do people say during focus groups, and what do they actually think?



Natalia Bukhalova

General Director, UMG. Natalia has more than 23 years of experience in marketing researches and brand support. She is National representative of ESOMAR in Ukraine as well as lecturer of leading MIM-Kyiv business school. Natalia is co-organizer of such conferences as RE: MARK, "Practices of Ukrainian Happy Brands", "Panacea"; speaker at "Ukrainian Marketing Forum", «Superwoman», "Live Today".



The event was organized jointly with: