Customs Hub Workshop "The Most Common Mistakes and Problems Arising from the Misinterpretation and Use of Incoterms Trade Terms"


The event was organized jointly with Member Company CPTL Group.


  • Vita Miroshnychenko, Head of the company Capital Group (customs brokerage and consulting services in the field of foreign economic activity)
  • Nikolay Larin, Project Manager of the Association of Exporters and Importers of FEA, Member of the Working Group on Incoterms 2010 at the UNC ICC


Customs Hub is series of workshops that brings together experts in the sphere for an open dialog and discussion of major trends and best practices in customs sphere, recent changes in customs procedures, and how customs can serve as an all-round partner for business.

Customs Hub will consist of 10 free workshops. The nearest upcoming workshop:

Thursday, June 20 – Terms of foreign trade contracts and the procedure for their implementation in order to maximize the protection of the interests of importers and exporters.


The event was organized jointly with: