Meeting with Supervisory Board of the SoE "Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority" and Presentation of the Landlord Port Model


The purpose of the Meeting was to get acquainted with USPA Supervisory Board while discussing the top priorities for USPA and port sector development. A part of the Meeting was devoted to presentation of the Landlord Port model as the main finding of World Bank project on port reform in Ukraine.

The Meeting consisted of 2 panels:

USPA panel

  • Introduction of USPA Supervisory Board: composition, mandate and functions, means of communication
  • Key priorities for port sector and USPA development: vision of USPA management


Reforms panel

  • Presentation of the Landlord Port model 


Invited speakers:

  • Dmytro Barinov, Chairman of USPA Supervisory Board
  • Dr. Patrick Verhoeven, Deputy Chairman of USPA Supervisory Board
  • Jan van Schoonhoven, USPA Supervisory Board Member
  • Hurtienne Wolfgang, USPA Supervisory Board Member
  • Yuliya Klymenko, USPA Supervisory Board Member
  • Anton Yashchenko, USPA Supervisory Board Member
  • Taras Trotsky, USPA Supervisory Board Member
  • Raivis Veckagans, USPA CEO