Knowledge Seminar "Legal Basis of Foreign Trade in Agricultural Products for Ukrainian Enterprises"


The Event was organized jointly with member company Evris.

Globalization processes in the international economy open up new opportunities for expanding the business geography for Ukrainian companies – producers, exporters and importers of agricultural products. However, when "opening up" new horizons, it is necessary to understand both the peculiarities of conducting trade transactions with the country of residence of the counterparty, and the rules of interstate treaties governing foreign trade relations. Taking into account the relevant nuances, it is possible to eliminate most of the potential risks of cooperation with foreign counterparties and even avoid potential losses.

During the seminar we discussed:

  • legal regulation of foreign trade relations at the international level (Vienna Convention 1980, WTO agreements etc.)
  • bilateral free trade agreements between Ukraine and other countries
  • specifics of export&import of agricultural products under the Ukrainian legislation
  • determination of the jurisdiction of a counterparty and potential risks related to particular jurisdiction
  • mechanisms of dispute resolution between participants of foreign trade operations



Kostiantyn Kurylchenko, senior associate, attorney-at-law. Kostiantyn has more than 5 years of successful legal experience. Main focus of his activities is the development of dispute resolution strategies, provision of full-service support of economic and other disputes in national courts and commercial arbitration.



Yulia Stusova, senior associate, attorney-at-law. Yulia has over 10 years of professional experience in dispute resolution and has been a practicing attorney-at-law since 2008. Yulia specializes in protecting the interests of clients in legal disputes, including international disputes, arising from legal relations between business entities. Also, Yulia provides consultations on a wide range of legal issues, including consultations regarding International trade and World Market issues.



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