International Conference "Banker – Digital Transformation Journey"


The event was organized jointly with the International Financial Club "Bankir"The speakers are the best Ukrainian and foreign experts in the field of digital transformation. During the event participants had an opportunity to learn practical cases as well as will have a good chance to exchange professional experience with the National Bank, insurance companies, financial technology companies, international financial institutions, financial and non-financial companies representatives.


September 4, 2019 | SMART BANKING

Block #1. Regulation of the Banking and Insurance services market

Block #2. Business Process Automation, BPA, CRM, ERP, BPM, EDM for financial institutions

Block #3. How artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data help banks to be more efficient. Cloud`s service

Block #4. Cybersecurity


Block #1. Regulation of the market. Legal Tech (Support & Services)

Block #2. Payment Services, Transfers

Block #3. Online Lending

Block #4. Mobile services. Marketing and sales tools at banks and insurance companies