“In-Focus” Meeting with Mr. Oleksiy Filatov, Deputy Head of Administration of the President of Ukraine


On March 31, the Chamber held a meeting with Mr. Oleksiy Filatov, Deputy Head of Administration of the President of Ukraine, Head of Council on Judicial Reform under the President of Ukraine devoted to the latest developments in judicial sphere and further steps of this reform. 

Opening the meeting, Mr. Yuriy Zaluskyy, Chamber Legal Committee Co-Chair, Baker & McKenzie – CIS highlighted that the judicial reform is currently on the top of Chamber Legal Committee’s agenda and outlined the previous work of the Committee in this direction. He further commented on the Law “On Ensuring Right for Fair Trial” which recently entered into force. 

Mr. Oleksiy Filatov highlighted that the Presidential Administration is only one of the stakeholders in the process of judicial reform, as other governmental bodies along with the civil society institutions are actively involved in this process. He further reminded that judicial reform is defined among the priority ones in the Strategy-2020 and the Council of Judicial Reform was created as consultative body under the President of Ukraine to consolidate the expertise in this field. He also updated participants that the strategy of reforming judiciary will be made public in the nearest future. According to him, it will include reforms of Higher Council of Justice, constitutional reform, amending main provisions of procedural codes, legal services regulations. Mr. Filatov mentioned that the most important one remains constitutional reform, but different political interests remain the main impediment to it. He further highlighted that the focal point of the reform is changing personal composition of the courts and improvement of qualification of judges. In this regard new system of appointing judges on competitive bases is introduced. 

Mr. Filatov stressed that it is important to enlarge the scope of people involved in work of the Council. He highlighted that the working groups under the Council of Judicial Reform are open and Chamber Legal Committee Members are invited to participate in them. 

Further discussion was devoted to financing of the courts, immunities of judges, idea of direct elections of judges, protection and promotion of foreign investments and review of past judgments by Supreme Court of Ukraine.

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