YPnet Development Workshop: "Detox your mind, or 3 steps to a happy life"


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Is it enough to follow the day procedures, drink plenty of water and balanced feeding to be healthy and happy? Not at all. At the workshop, we had the practical approach to the question of "cleaning the mind from toxins" and prepared for the new year with "clean" thoughts.


During the workshop we:

  1. Found out which beliefs prevent us to be happy and confident, and learned how to transform them.
  2. Learned how to manage better our energy, talents and relationships with people.
  3. Payed attention to our emotional intelligence (our inner GPS).
Ms. Olga Maksymenko
career and life-coach,
author of "Life Stylist"

Olga helps people to find their favorite business, be happier in the profession and personal life.

To learn more, please contact Yaroslava Korotetska, Chamber Event Coordinator.





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