YPnet Development Workshop: “Professional Communication Skills”


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Topics that have been discussed during launch event within YPnet platform:

  • What’s communication is all about? 
  • How to control impressions you make? 
  • Why it’s necessary?

During 2 hour Workshop we:

  • Got answers to the questions above
  • Practiced  understandable and accessible communication tools
  • Enjoyed communication process
Olga Gabliuk
School of Oratory Art

Olga Gablyuk – a certified specialist in linguistics and psychology, the actress. Olga is an expert in public communications and psychology of communications. Founder of the "School of Oratory Art." Author of scientific works, such as: "Principles of public speaking training" and "Specific features of mastering speech competence". Olga has 16 years of media experience (radio, television). Experience in creating and carrying out training programs / training - 14 years.

To learn more, please contact Yaroslava Korotetska, Chamber Event Coordinator.



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