Knowledge Seminar “Happiness in Business”


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Knowledge Seminar “Happiness in Business” has been delivered by the Member Company AVERA.

Business has ceased to follow it’s classic model long time ago, when all the goals of companies were focused on profit alone. Nowadays the best-known stakeholders promote socially responsible way of doing business, in which, except for the agenda itself, it is important to bring happiness to their employees, colleagues, contractors and of course customers. Today we operate on completely new laws. 

The seminar featured 10 stages of business formation and development: in the past, nowadays and in future (how to be successful in terms of developing business climate)

The Seminar covered the following issues:

  1. Business and I;
  2. Business relations;
  3. Success formula;
  4. Creativity in business;
  5. Harmony and profit.


  • Ms.Olena Zhebrovskaya, founder of AVERA creative agency.

To learn more or get involved, please contact Yaroslava Korotetska, Chamber Event Coordinator.

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