Meeting with the World Bank’s Mission on trade logistics


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On November 23, the Chamber Members met with the World Bank’s Mission on trade facilitation and logistics with the aim to discuss procedural and administrative barriers that hinder the establishment and development of effective export and import trade flows of agricultural products (including cereals) and material resources in the port and river infrastructure of Ukraine. 

Opening the event, Ms. Oksana Drozach, PwC, Chamber Customs Committee Co-Chair expressed gratitude to the representatives of the World Bank’s Mission for holding this meeting with the Chamber Members as well as admitted the upcoming changes in Ukrainian legislation in agricultural sector, according to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. 

Ms. Konar-Leacy, World Bank Group presented the participants of the World Bank’s Mission on trade facilitation and logistics and emphasized on the main aim of the meeting – to collect feedbacks from business community on problems within customs sphere and logistics processes in Ukraine, in particular port and river infrastructure. 

Representatives from the business community, in particular agricultural companies, indicated several issues regarding the following: 

  • necessity of reforming of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and improvement of its operation;
  • access to the ports, state-owned terminals in the ports and problems with investment climate;
  • peculiarities of different means of transport in Ukraine (sea, river, railway) and their main weak spots;
  • relationships with customs and other controlled authorities in the ports;
  • initiative of introduction of river tax and its impact for the industry etc. 

Representatives from the World Bank’s Mission on trade logistics noted about their recent Report on grain logistics in Ukraine published in September 2015 and underlined that this mission is not to make some research, but to develop practical plan or roadmap on improvement of logistics and customs procedures during export and import of agricultural commodities as well as provide this developments to the Ukrainian Government for respective implementation. 

Closing the meeting, the participants agreed for further collaboration in this sphere via direct contact of all interested persons and consider the possibly to hold a separate meeting on customs aspects. 

If you would like to get involved in the Chamber  Customs and Agricultural Committees activities and participate in further meetings, please contact Oleksandr Prokhorovych, Policy Officer (Tax & Customs Issues) and Anna Sankina, Policy Officer (Agricultural Issues), and Chamber Logistics & Transportation Working Group – Nataliya Gotvianska, Policy Officer (Committees).

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