Meeting “Ukraine: Current Challenges = Catalyst for Technology Innovation” with Mr. Nelu Mihai, Founder, MosaixSoft, Inc.


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The Chamber invited all interested Members to the Chamber Meeting “Ukraine: Current Challenges = Catalyst for Technology Innovation” with Mr. Nelu Mihai, Founder, MosaixSoft, Inc. Mr. Mihai shared his experience on:

  1. Lessons he had learned by founding and funding technology startups in Silicon Valley;
  2. What is more important: Team, Product or Market;
  3. How to choose the right venture capitalist;
  4. Highest priority: customer traction, product/market fit, increase revenue, etc;
  5. Go-to-Market scenarios.

Mr. Nelu Mihai, Ph.D., has more than 20 years of experience in executive and engineering management, development and research with focus on Network/Mobile/Communications Systems and Cloud/Operating Systems Software. He is one of the principal architects of Geoplex, AT&T Labs’ first generation Internet middle-ware platform. Previously he held R&D management positions at Bell Labs, and engineering and development positions at Microtec Research and Ready Systems. He serves in the board of Directors of the Multi-Service Switching Forum.  

To learn more, please contact Nataliya Gotvianska, Policy Officer (Committees).

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