"Beyond Business: Music and Arts for Creative Leaders" within Creative Management Series


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During the event "Leadership for the Future" Ms. Lyubomyra Burlachuk invited participants to a joint creative reflection on a new paradigm of leadership, learning from the greatest conductors in the world – Arthuro Toscanini, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Herbert von Karajan, Richard Strauss, Sergiu Celibidache, Riccardo Muti, Carlos Kleiber, Claudio Abbado, Gustavo Dudamel, - who, through their outstanding leadership, inspire musicians of top world symphony orchestras to the ultimate heights of human and musical possibilities, revealing us the deepest magic and wisdom of classical music that transforms minds and hearts of people and empower them in search of Truth, Goodness, Love and Beauty.

Speaker: Lyubomyra Burlachuk, professor at kmbs has diverse professional experience and significant achievements in three different areas of activity – scientific and research work, the pharmaceutical business and business education. Lyubomyra graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 1995 she started her career at American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly where within 4 years she made it up to the Head of Eli Lilly Representative Office in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Lyubomyra initiated the strategic innovative project on creating in Ukraine a production of rDNA insulin in vials and cartridges in strategic partnership with local pharmaceutical producer. Later she worked as Deputy Director-General of External Relations at JSC Farmak in order to successfully complete the second stage of the rDNA insulin project. For her business achievements in 1995-2004 Lyubomyra received numerous awards from Eli Lilly and the American organization "Project HOPE", as well as high awards from the President of Ukraine.


In 2012 Lyubomyra worked as Associate Dean for International Affairs, together with kmbs team has developed kmbs internationalization strategy-2020. Since 2012 she is also a professor at kmbs and teaches MBA's her newly developed author's program "Beyond Business: Arts and Music for Creative Leaders". Her personal mission is - "Inspire, Integrate and Change!"

During last decades MBA programs have been generating leaders focused on power, money and knowledge to win the planet, but future and democracy will not benefit if these kind of leaders win as they hold back the development in their businesses. Lyubomyra is convinced we need to move to the new paradigm of leadership. Leaders need to be inspired to continuously rise their minds and hearts beyond business in order to achieve much greater understanding and success for society and themselves. During the event we learned different aesthetic and artistic concepts, strategies and practices, stimulating to search for new ideas and senses, encouraging to develop new thinking strategies and their application in business. Together with other ambitious top executives we found out how to activate creative thinking and develop personal leadership potential.