Creative Management Series: "Learn Attractiveness: Attraction Based Sales"


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To be truly successful in business in a rapidly changing environment, leaders need “whole-brain” thinking equally intuitive and rational, creative and analytical. Keeping that in mind the Chamber launches Creative Management Series - a platform infusing creativity, inspiration and energy into management practice, enabling top-managers to go beyond traditional approaches, effectively identify and use opportunities, and giving new instruments to help develop their teams. 

During the launch event "Learn Attractiveness: Attraction Based Sales" Mr. Vitézy was teaching how to look beyond good old sales techniques and stand out from the crowd of salespeople who are easily forgettable, because one is just like the other. 

Speaker: Péter VitézyPartner at ActionLab Consulting (Hungary) has 17 years’ experience at multinational companies ( Hungarian Telekom, DHL etc.) that helped him to become a comprehensive trainer and expert. Péter graduated from University of Leicester (MBA). In 1997 he started his career as market segmentation manager. Péter succeed to obtain his first top position (marketing director) in 2005. In 2007 he launched trainer’s professional development, which has leaded him to the position of partner at ActionLab International. Personal and team challenge is to conquer the World.

Most people believe that attraction and charisma cannot be taught. Well, Péter Vitézy happened to have the ways to do just that. He can help the salespeople build trusted relationships. Regardless of whom they negotiate with. This is how their personalities and appearance become an advantage for the whole company. They are drawn by the energy and personality of a salesperson who goes beyond selling, and negotiating with him is simply an experience. That is the essence of Attraction sales. More attractive salespeople mean more business. 

Official part has been followed by Q&A session, Cocktail reception and productive Business Networking.



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