Knowledge Seminar “Bankruptcy as an Effective Tool of Both Debt & Asset Recovery”


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Knowledge Seminar “Bankruptcy as an Effective Tool of Both Debt & Asset Recovery” has been delivered by the Member Company Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm.

The Seminar covered the following issues:

  1. Creditors’ actions after closing the execution proceedings.
  2. The debtor and creditor have completely opposite goals in the bankruptcy case.
  3. Tools that are used to delay the process and reduce the probability of Creditor’s asset recovery.
  4. Effective mechanisms of counteraction by Creditor.
  5. The view of participants’ actions in the bankruptcy case from the perspective of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 


  • Mr. Vladyslav Filatov, Special Counsel of Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm,  insolvency practitioner, member of Disciplinary Committee of Insolvency Practitioner at Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

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