2015 WELDI Kick-Off Meeting: Role of Women in Business, Politics and Society


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Guest Speakers: Ms. Nadiia Vasylieva (General Manager of Microsoft Ukraine)
Ms. Anna Starostenko (Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration)
Ms. Oksana Tiupa (
National Coordinator of All Ukraine project "Let's make Ukraine clean!", volunteer)
Moderator: Ms. Irina Rubis (CEO of Ekonomika Communication Hub)

Thursday, February 26, 4:30PM – 8:00PM 
President Hotel (12, Hospitalna Street, Kyiv)

 “I wasn't lucky, I deserved it.”
― Margaret Thatcher

On February 26 we held a WELDI Upgrade presentation and panel discussion on the Role of Women in Business, Politics and Society. This event gave our participants an opportunity to reflect on women's contribution to all spheres of life, as well as better formulate their own vision and development plan in regards to further career advancement.




Ms. Nadiia Vasylieva
General Manager of Microsoft Ukraine, Responsible Chamber Board Member for WELDI

There is an opinion in society, not only in Ukraine but also worldwide, that male and female leadership differ greatly. But many professors have proved this to be wrong.
There is also an opinion that female leadership is stronger from the perspective of emotional intelligence, taking that cognitive intelligence is at the same level. But latest research has proved it's not. Thus we do not differ "at the starting point" but we do have an additional pressure of public opinion.







Ms. Anna Starostenko
Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration

When you work mostly with men, they seem to perceive you as a woman but expect a male type of behavior from you. So when you demonstrate a "female" perspective, they sometimes do not understand you right away, and you need to take more effort to show that female approach is sometimes much more effective. That is why there are still so few women in Ukrainian politics, and why women who have succeeded in it predominantly are able to think like men and take "male" decisions".






Ms. Oksana Tiupa
National Coordinator of All Ukraine project "Let's make Ukraine clean!", volunteer

Within social and charity activities there is an absolute majority of women. Women are more oriented on humanitarian issues, they are better drivers, they are more flexible, they communicate better and reach compromise faster, and their intuition is much stronger.








During our panel discussion, we focused on the competencies a woman needs to embrace and strengths to improve to achieve success and reach the leadership roles. The meeting brought up the important topics where the role of women has been explored from the different perspectives: Business, Politics, Society.

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