Meeting with Igor Pereginets, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine


On January 29, the Chamber held a meeting with Igor Perehinets, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine devoted to discussion of the healthcare reform and public procurements in healthcare sector. 

Andy Hunder, Chamber President, highlighted that dialog between Government and business is vital for success of reforms since it creates the necessary synergy for the next step of Ukrainian quality and accessible healthcare system. 

Igor Perehinets shared his insight on the Ministry’s vision on the healthcare system reform for 2016. The concept of reforms is based on six strategic directions such as management, personnel support and development, medical services, public procurement, electronic data and services and public health. He noted that all these directions are directly connected with financing of the healthcare system. With this purpose the Ministry of Health of Ukraine applies the WHO concept. 

The following discussion was focused on such current issues as primary medical aid guaranteed by the Government, mechanism of universal access to healthcare, mechanism of payment for the services. Regarding public procurements, Deputy Minister highlighted that all organizations have terminated all tender procedures, in particular the Crown Agents will supply 31 of 166 medicinal products in three weeks. 

Igor Perehinets noted that it would be useful if business community could develop a position on the concept of health insurance because there is no clear understanding of the issue. He also encouraged business representatives to develop a position on creating a National Agency on Procurement of Medicinal Products in regions.