Round Table "Key Aspects and Current Issues of Antimonopoly Requirements for Fuel Retail Market"


On May 16, the American Chamber of Commerce held a Round Table "Key Aspects and Current Issues of Antimonopoly Requirements for Fuel Retail Market".

The event was attended by representative of the Antimonopoly Committee Valery Polyukhovich, Member of Parliament Natalia Katser-Buchkovska, Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Ihor Didenko, Senior Banker of EBRD Paul Shapiro as well as representatives of Chamber Member-Companies and partners, representatives of think-tanks.  A special guest at the Round Table was Professor of Utrecht University, expert in competition law Anna Gerbrandi.

The goal, which the Chamber set for the Round Table was to initiate establishing of stable relationship between business, experts and authorities, including the AMCU, to address challenges in the retail market of fuel products. Therefore, Andy Hunder, Chamber President suggested to create a Working Group for discussing the problematic aspects of legislation in this area, as the reform of approaches of the state authorities dealing with this market is the most acute issue for business development in Ukraine.


The key topics raised at the Round Table were:

-  Methodology for determining the monopoly position on the market;

-  Parallel pricing issues as well as legislation compliance with the current market situation;

-  Discussion of European experience and the principles of competition law.

In addition, during the meeting representatives of Chamber Member-Companies talked about the problematic issues, which exist on the market and influence the final price, namely "grey" import, inefficiency of retail excise tax, illegal production of fuel and other issues.