Meeting with Taras Kutovyi, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


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    Chamber Office

On April 29, Members of 3 Steering Committees (Agricultural, Food & Beverage and Seeds) of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine had an excellent opportunity to meet with newly appointed Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Kutovyi, Head of the State Service on Food Safety and Consumers Protection Volodymyr Lapa and Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olena Kovalova. Priority issues for further cooperation were defined as well as a number of problematic issues were clarified.

In particular, it was agreed to continue constructive dialog regarding the following issues:

In Agrarian Sphere:

  • Optimization of grain quality system;
  • Blending of grain in grain silos (with immediate support of Ministry for port silos, regarding linear silos – polishing of additional details);
  • Support of efficient functioning of State Service for Food Safety and Consumers Protection;
  • Single window concept in the ports of Ukraine;
  • De-shadowing of agricultural produce market;
  • Introduction of efficient system of phytosanitary control;
  • Introduction of private laboratories;
  • Creation of trading platform on the basis of Agrarian Exchange;
  • Support to farmers should be 50% to the special VAT account and 50% to the state budget till the end of 2016, afterwards – new system of support should be in place.

In Food & Beverage Sphere:

  • Work on Draft Law #4126-1 “On Information on Food for Consumers” registered at the Verkhovna Rada;
  • Continue cooperation on development of amendments to the Draft Law “On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding Food Safety”;
  • Joint work on facilitation of border control (implementation of risk-oriented approach): in terms of clear identification of types, fees and frequency of checks;
  • Gradual elimination of state monopoly of laboratory checks;
  • Protection of Ukrainian exporters to Moldova and Middle East;
  • Elimination of excessive price control with regard to socially significant products;
  • Facilitation of procedures for import from third countries.

In Seeds Sphere:

  • In the framework of the Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislation of Ukraine regarding Approximation of the National Legislation in Seeds and Planting Spheres to the European and International Requirements”, elaboration of 45 normative acts is needed to make the Law work;
  • Set-up of service responsible for certification of seeds and registration of plants.