Meeting with Sergiy Melnyk, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Plants Varieties Expertise


The agenda of the meeting was the following:

1. Status of the bylaws for plants registration development.

2. Results of the state registration for 2016:

    a. Issuing of the expert conclusions for varieties of 2016 expertise;

    b. Forming and updating the Plants Varieties Register for 2017;

    c. Procedure of appealing the expertise results;

    d. Procedure of informing the applicants, whose varieties hasn’t been included into the Register.

3. Varieties examination program for 2017:

    a. Procedure of accepting the applications and samples of summer crops;

    b. Perspective of accepting the application with simultaneous adding of date and number;

    c. Issuing of the notification for payment for samples;

4. Miscellaneous.