Upcoming Events

Knowledge Seminar “How to Find Happiness in Business. Part II has been delivered by the Member Company AVERA

The program of the seminar: 

  • Laws of happy business guru (who should be guiding you, inspiring you and how to implement certain principles in our own lives);
  • Family and business (how to find harmony and win-win work-life balance);
  • Socially responsible business (concepts, values, future prospects)...
  • Models of building personal finances in the face of uncertainty
  • Personal financial accounting: break or save your family
  • How, when and how much to spend
  • Is education worth the investment: financial justification
  • Where to invest in the times of financial instability
Knowledge Seminar “How to Approach Virgin Digital Brands” 10 November, 2015, 10:00 AM |

Knowledge Seminar “How to Approach Virgin Digital Brands” has been delivered by the Member Company AGAMA communications. 

The program of the seminar: 

  • why famous brands move into digital;
  • how to increase consumption of the new sub-brand;
  • building relationships with partners via digital;
  • how to break established habits and change the perception of the brand;
  • innovative approaches in digital communications and etc. 

On November 6, a meeting with Mr. Volodymyr Shulmeister, First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Mr. Roman Khmil, Director of Department on Automobile Transport, Ministry of Infrastructure took place at the premises of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Discussion was focused on problematic aspects of Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers #869 “On Amendments to Clause 22.5 of the Rules of Automobile Traffic”.


Energetic, independent, responsible employees who show the initiative are every manager’s dream.

Looking at the leadership structure you might find an inner contradiction between the formal and informal leadership. On one hand, the manager is responsible for order and stability, and on the other -  he is being a changes driver. On one hand, manager strictly controls the process, and on the other - gives freedom and supports the initiative.

On November 3, the Chamber gathered its Members to present the results of its Corruption Perception Surveyconducted during October 2015. 

In his welcoming remarks Mr. Andy Hunder, Chamber President highlighted that corruption remains the most important obstacle for doing business in Ukraine, therefore, it is important to understand how the situation has changed since the last year’s survey. 

On October 30, Chamber Members met with Ms. Valeria Gontareva, Governor of the National Bank of Ukraineto discuss the efficiency of the current currency restrictions set by the NBU, prospects for liberalization of the FX control, mechanisms to minimize the risk of capital outflows and shadow economy, plans and steps of the National Bank of Ukraine to ensure macroeconomic stability, promoting the business climate and attracting the investments.  

On October 30, the Chamber Members met with Mr. Roman Nasirov, Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and Mr. Yevhen Bambizov, Acting Head of the Large Taxpayers' Office at the premises of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The meeting was aimed at presenting of the concept of reform of the Large Taxpayers’ Office. 

Opening the event, Mr. Roman Nasirov, Head of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, introduced Mr. YevhenBambizov, new Acting Head of the Office, and highlighted the future substantive changes in operation of the Office.

We invited all interested Members to the Chamber Round Table on IPR Protection during Customs Clearance devoted to a focused discussion of the main business needs and suggestions as to improvement thereof. 


  1. Discussion of the problems faced by the business on protection of their IPR during customs clearance.
  2. Suggestions as to the training program for customs officials that is going to be prepared by representatives of the EU Project...
GR Club Launch Event 28 October, 2015, 12:00 AM |

The Chamber launched GR Club – initiative aimed at creation of informal network of Government Relations Specialists and enhancing professional standards in this sphere.

Chamber held the meeting with representatives of the National Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets in Ukraine (NCRFSM).

The meeting has been devoted to the discussion of the Draft Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Taxation and Other Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Regulation of Certain Operations (Leasing)” and Draft Law “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Financial Services and State Regulation of Financial Services" (on Financial Leasing)”.

If you have any questions, please contact Ulyana Shtybel, Chamber Policy Officer (Banking and Financial Services Issues).

Knowledge Seminar “Bankruptcy as an Effective Tool of Both Debt & Asset Recovery” has been delivered by the Member Company Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm.