Upcoming Events

Meeting with Ms. Penny Pritzker, U.S. Secretary of Commerce 27 October, 2015, 12:00 AM |

On October 27, the Members of AmCham and U.S.-Ukraine Business Council participated in a multi-sector dialogue with Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker arranged by the U.S. Commercial Service in Ukraine. The meeting was held as part of the official visit of Secretary of Commerce, who was joined by executives of Cargill, Citibank, Dupont, Honeywell, NCH Capital, and Westinghouse. 

On October 27, Mr. Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine took part in the meeting with Mr. Volodymyr Groysman, Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Mr. Aivaras Abromavicius, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and other state officials devoted to preparation to the upcoming first Day of Economic Development and Deregulation to be held on November 10 in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. 

Business Leaders League Meeting: “Jazz Night Out” 22 October, 2015, 12:00 AM |

What our lucky guests enjoyed soothing sounds of our Jazz performers to help you wind off the stresses of the week

Topics that have been discussed during launch event within YPnet platform:

  • What’s communication is all about? 
  • How to control impressions you make? 
  • Why it’s necessary?

During 2 hour Workshop we:

  • Got answers to the questions above
  • Practiced  understandable and accessible communication tools
  • Enjoyed communication process

On October 20, the Memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and EBA. 

The purpose of the Memorandum is to create a mechanism for rapid response to concerns associated with the activities of investors in Ukraine's energy sector. The meeting proceeded the signing, the idea of ​​which was to discuss key issues for further cooperation. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Andy Kuzich, Business Development Director at PwC Ukraine. 

Create Your Personal Style 20 October, 2015, 12:00 AM |

Everyone seems to know perfectly how business woman should dress up. But this session revealed the secret ingredient of successful business woman's dress code, and participants took one more step towards achieving their business goals.

On October 16, the Chamber held Round Table “Concept of Reforming International Commercial Arbitration in Ukraine” organized in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of UkraineRepresentatives of other state bodies, interested in this issue, such as Ministry of Justice of Ukraine andInternational Commercial Arbitration Court under the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine participated in the meeting. 

On October 16, a round table discussion on illegal imports of medicines of unknown origin and questionable quality to the territory of Ukraine took place at the Chamber office. The meeting was organized in partnership with Association of Pharmaceutical Research & Development (APRaD) and involved representatives from the Ministry of Health, State Service on Medicines, State Fiscal Service and State Border Guard Service as well as international experts, namely, Mr. Donald E. Townsend, Jr., Regional Intellectual Property Rights Attaché and Mr. Pablo Rodenas, Advisor of EU Twinning Project.

Meeting of Export Promotion Council at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has been headed by the Minister of Economic Development and Trade that. Please click here to see the agenda. 

The event has been an excellent opportunity to raise practical issues regarding export and import procedures and express position of the business community regarding state export promotion strategy.

If you have any questions, please contact Yulia Stelmakh, Junior Policy Officer (Food & Beverage).

On October 12, the Chamber held a meeting with Mr. David Sakvarelidze, Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine – Prosecutor of Odessa Region, devoted to the current issues in law enforcement sphere. 

Opening the meeting, Mr. Andy Hunder, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine stressed that fight against corruption is on the top of the agenda both for the Chamber Members and the Government

XIV Chamber Outdoor Football Tournament 10 October, 2015, 02:00 PM |

We were happy to invite Chamber Members to take part in the XIV Chamber Outdoor Football Tournament - unforgettable sports event that strengthens team spirit, improves performance and is a great opportunity to actively spend time with colleagues, friends and relatives.

CSR Club Launch Meeting: "Best CSR Practices in Ukraine" 08 October, 2015, 10:00 AM |

We were delighted to invite all interested Members to the CSR Club Launch Meeting – our new initiative in the sphere of corporate social responsibility aimed to be a useful platform for building relationships and expanding the network of like-minded CSR professionals for future cooperation and experience sharing.