Upcoming Events

On September 16, the Chamber held the Quarterly Panel Discussion “Macroeconomic Outlook & Forecast for Ukraine” organized in strategic partnership with the Forum for Leading International Financial Institutions (FLIFI). 

The meeting was moderated by Mr. Taras Kyrychenko, CEO, Pravex-Bank, FLIFI Member, Co-Chair of the Chamber Banking & Financial Services Committee.


Chamber held the Knowledge Seminar “Pharma Business in Ukraine: Three-Quarters Review 2015” delivered by the Member Company Legal Alliance Company.

The Seminar covered the following issues:

  1. Ukrainian pharmaceutical market 2015. Structure, participants, trends.
  2. Competition. Major red flags in contracts with distributors and pharmacy chains: Areas of attention and activity of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. Risk areas in the contracts for supply of medicinal products and marketing services agreements. Recent approaches to minimize the risks...

On September 16, Chamber held a Meeting with Mr. Ihor Bilous, Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine and Mr. Adomas Audickas, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade. 

On September 15, the Chamber held a discussion with Mr. Serhiy Benedysyuk, Director of State Registration Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, organized jointly with Arzinger. 

"Women & Negotiations" with Laurie Kelleher 15 September, 2015, 12:00 AM | weldi

No need to deny that we conduct negotiations in many aspects of our personal and professional lives. When viewed as problem solving, perception of negotiation moves from being a win-lose game to one of mutual benefits. This session helped participants negotiate to achieve more of what they and their team wanted.

The Chamber invited all interested Members to the Chamber Round Table “Current Issues in the Sphere of Intellectual Property Rights Protection” with Ms. Alla Zharinova, Head of State Service of Ukraine on Intellectual Rights Protection (SIPSU). The Round Table has been devoted to discussion of the following questions...


Family Tour to the Ostrich Farm 12 September, 2015, 11:00 AM |

We were thrilled to invite our members to visit Ostrich Farm in Yasnogorodka (that was one of the first ostrich farms founded in Ukraine) – a place where it doesn’t not really matter if you are a kid or an adult, because everyone had fun.

Adults and kids met ostriches face to face, learned about ostrich farming and their life in the wild and enjoyed everyone’s favourite – photos session! Visitors described it as family fun, interesting and informative, and a great experience.

To fuel up after an adventurous and rich time tasty lunch was waiting for everyone. Participants tried a delicious broth and patty-cake with meat. Yummy!

Kids were amazed with adorable small zoo and children's playground: fresh air, games together and exploring new things as a family – really all you need for a good weekend! 

On October 10, the Chamber Members met with Ms. Natalie Jaresko, Minister of Finance of Ukraine to discuss key aspects of the tax reform presented by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on September 3 at the National Council of Reforms of Ukraine, further steps on its developments as well as other important issues within the competence of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. 

Topics that has been discussed during launch event within YPnet platform:

  • Career paths in the modern world and their variety
  • Personal qualities and skills that contribute to building successful career
  • Algorithm of professional development
  • How not to bury your talent, but to discover, implement and get the kick out of it...

In the light of the reform of the employment system in Ukraine, on September 9 the Chamber held a meeting devoted to the discussion of the Draft Law “On Amendments to Some Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Public Administration Reform on Employment and Social Unemployment Insurance”, respective Comparative Table and Explanatory Note

What is unique about this particular workshop you will ask? And the answer would be: practical approach and interactivity. It was an open talk with questions and answers in the highly professional atmosphere as the event was open to top-managers of Chamber Member Companies only.

Knowledge Seminar “Changes in Transfer Pricing” 07 September, 2015, 04:00 PM |

Knowledge Seminar “Changes in Transfer Pricing” has been delivered by the Member Company Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm.

The Seminar covered the following issues: 

  • Novelty in principles of defining controlled transactions.
  • New financial indexes which are used to establish the terms of cortrolled transaction to arm’s length principle.
  • Tax control: accounting reports under the new rules, period of limitation cut-back, time extension of submitting additional documents, changed penalties.