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Participants had an opportunity to discuss corruption-related issues with the members of the delegation

Participants discussed the most common mistakes and problems arising from the misinterpretation and use of Incoterms trade terms

Participants of the meeting discussed peculiarities of natural gas price regulation applicable to gas storage under customs warehouse regime

During the Meeting we discussed reference pricing for medicinal products in Ukraine

Artem Krykun-Trush, Senior Detective, National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, advised on creation of effective system of anti-corruption protection, who to contact and how to protect the company

During the workshop participants learned about what is Influencer Marketing and what problems it solve, WOM-projects, Celebrity Marketing and special projects’ cases with influencers

Participants had an opportunity to find out more about e-learning solution that participants to strengthen capabilities and competences

The meeting was devoted to discussion of new Procedure for export of barley to China, retention of Indonesian market for wheat export from Ukraine, escalation of the agrarian logistics issue and position of the Ministry regarding Draft Law #10027 and Draft Law #10027-1 on cancellation of VAT refund exemptions on soya and rapeseed

The session was devoted to the topic "Issue of Flexibility in the Workplace"

Workshop "Big Marketing Talks: Challenges of the Year" 16 May, 2019, 04:00 PM |

During the seminar we discussed impact points in Ukrainians' lives, perception of brand manifestos and how to apply it all to your business

Structure any dialogue, stabilization of emotions during communication and trust in negotiations as well as deals with difficult situations were discussed during the event

AmCham Ukraine President's Presentation in Washington DC 15 May, 2019, 04:00 PM |

During the event, we presented an overview of the elections in Ukraine, what we know about President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky, his program and team, what may happen between now and the parliamentary elections, and what this all means for doing business in Ukraine