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Situation Center for Ensuring Cybersecurity is established under the SSU’s Department for Counter-Intelligence Protection of the State's Interests in the Field of Information Security aimed at, inter alia, combating cyberterrorism and cyber-espionage, counteracting cybernetic threats, responding to cyber incidents in the field of state security

Meeting on Renewables Issues 14 June, 2019, 10:00 AM |

The meeting was devoted to discussion of the possible agenda and activities of the potential Renewables Committee

The session was devoted to discussion of the topic "7 Habits. Corporate Culture Development via Team and Organizational Capacity Growth"

During the meeting participants discussed the recently launched operation "Bastion" and counteracting smuggling

At this session of AmCham Business School "How to negotiate with a stronger opponent – strategies for success" participants had an opportunity to get prepared for negotiations with someone who has a higher-level position than you. In particular, the participants learned about the imbalance of power in negotiations, how to assess the power of influence using "power-interest" quadrant and "paper computer" and what the criteria of competent behavior in conflicts are

Our guest speaker delivered a presentation "All about Travelling to USA"

Meeting’s participants discussed implementation of the procurement reform

The external partners that you decide to run your business with can affect your business and success either positively or negatively. YouControl experts told what main factors should be considered when evaluating a business partnership

Participants discussed planned steps and current status of ENTSO-E integration as well as other issues

During this meeting in the framework of the Chamber Media & Communication Working Group, our guest speaker shared current priority Draft Laws that are under consideration of the VRU Committee as well directions of state policy in media sphere

The latest legislation changes have simplified the procedure of hiring foreign top management and have left many corporate issues to the discretion of the founder. Participants had an opportunity to learn about current practices of latest legislation changes in terms of foreign top managers' employment as well as about court practice of making directors responsible. They also got recommendations on how company officers should perform their new obligations and how they should interact with the founder to make their cooperation efficient

During the event we examined the importance of patients' voice in providing access to treatment, balancing between state and business interests and patients' role in decision-making on the healthcare policies in Ukraine