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Vladislav Prytomanov, Head of Infrastructure Sector, BRDO Ukraine delivered a presentation

For many in the C-suite, compliance is something they know is important but don't deeply understand. However, compliance is essential to your business's success and reputation. Having investigated 5500+ complaints, the Business Ombudsman Council is convinced that compliance could be a strong protection from negative consequences of dealing with government agencies. The BOC shared its experience while the business representatives, UNIC speakers contributed with their insights from daily life

Annual American Independence Day Picnic 2019 06 July, 2019, 04:00 PM |

Participants had an opportunity to celebrate American Independence Day and spend a joyful day with fellow Chamber Members

HR Committee Meeting 04 July, 2019, 04:00 PM |

The meeting was devoted to the presentation of the international report “Human Capital Trends – 2019” delivered by Olena Boichenko, Director on Human Capital, Deloitte Ukraine

Meeting of the Working Group on Media & Communication 03 July, 2019, 04:00 PM |

The meeting was devoted to the topic “Content Marketing in First 100 Days: How to Plan and Launch It?” which was presented by Stanislav Shum, CEO & Founder of Top Lead. The presentation was followed by an open discussion

The meeting participants had a great opportunity to discuss plans of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Service, get an understanding of what business community should expect and an update on recent changes that business will face in the work of the newly established authority as well as other important issues within the tax sphere

Relations with tax authorities is a topical issue for Ukrainian business. Among 5500+ complaints the Business Ombudsman received over 4 years of its operations, more than half relates to fiscal issues, with 700 concerning tax inspections. At the seminar, the BOC's investigators shared advanced experience of using your own resources and the BOC's tools to protect business against negative consequences of tax inspections

Participants had an opportunity to discuss current issues of the financial monitoring sector, in particular introduction of a risk-oriented approach while conducting internal audit, peculiarities of clients’ verification, necessity of changes in banking secrecy rules

Jazz Me Up Networking Cocktail 28 June, 2019, 04:00 PM |

Participants had a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the venue, breathtaking Lviv rooftop view, tasty cocktails, modern interpretation of jazz music and networking with fellow members

Energy Committee Meeting 27 June, 2019, 12:30 PM |

The meeting was devoted to discussion of conditions for renewable electricity production under the new electricity market

Nowadays in most cases usage of FIDIC standards is not typical for Ukraine. Nevertheless, many experts and government officials agree that this practice will reduce the level of corruption, simplify the procedure of managing construction finances, control and efficiency of work, improving the quality of construction, thereby increasing the investment attractiveness of the country

It is always challenging to close a deal if there is no trust between parties. Participants had an opportunity to learn about the role of trust in the negotiation process as well as to get useful practical advice on this topic