Georgian Reformers Put the Fight with Corruption in Ukraine as a First Priority

February 25, 2015 - David Sakvarelidze, First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Gia Getsadze, First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine and Giorgi Vashadze, Georgian MP and former Minister of Justice of Georgia held a meeting with business representatives at the round table “Reform of the Law Enforcement System”. The round table discussion was initiated by the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Gia Getsadze declared minimization of corruption in the field of court decisions enforcement as the key task for the Ministry of Justice. “To achieve this, we would like to reward our state executors for excellent work. Those who work more shall earn more”, - explained Mr. Getsadze. Moreover, according to the First Deputy Minister, the body intends to introduce private executors to enforce court decisions in civil cases. This will allow business to choose a service provider, whereas competition is expected to increase the quality of state services.

The main idea of the Prosecutor General’s Office reform is the change of the hiring mechanisms. “The problem of the Prosecutor General’s Office is not legislative in its nature, but rather is the problem of poor management. We would like young aspiring specialist to come to the Office without bribery and nepotism, and to channel their enthusiasm towards rebuilding the country”, - emphasized Mr. Sakvarelidze.

Giorgi Vashadze, member of the Ministry of Justice’s working group on Anticorruption Bureau creation, spoke about the development of the Bureau’s detailed work plan. “We have already presented the plan to our colleagues in the Parliament and civic society. It involves 9 directions: starting from the organizational issues, selecting and hiring procedures, and to the investigation procedure, and information security issues. We have created so called MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model, which is to start functioning on the first day when the Head of the Bureau is appointed. We have been preparing the documents to be signed as soon as the Head comes into office, and to avoid superfluous bureaucracy at the beginning of the work. We have also outlined the areas that would require financial aid from our international partners – those include buying office equipment, staff trainings and other. In the nearest time we will pass terms of reference to them. Finally, we would like to establish a transitive investigation team that could immediately start investigations upon the Bureau’s request. We would like to include 70 investigators in this group and to develop criteria for the selection of the best professionals”, - mentioned Mr. Vashadze