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The history of active headway of Toyota brand in Ukraine started in the beginning of 1990th, when the first sales of Toyota vehicles began.

Because of dynamic development of Ukrainian car market, Sumitomo Corporation established a national marketing and sales company - Enterprise with Foreign Investments Toyota-Ukraine, with consent of Toyota Motor Corporation.

On July 01, 2004, after signing of the distributor agreement with Toyota Motor Marketing Europe, Toyota-Ukraine started its activity in Ukraine as National Marketing and Sales Company. 
Official importer and distributor of Toyota in Ukraine is CFI “Toyota Ukraine”, which represents two brands Toyota Lexus. 

Since 2004 official dealer network of Toyota in Ukraine sold more than 50 thousand Toyota vehicles. From 2009 official Toyota became the leader among the importers in sales volumes of cars.
Nowadays official dealer network of CFI “Toyota Ukraine” includes 33 dealer centers of Toyota throughout Ukraine and 5 dealer centers in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkiv.