Vaderstad LLC


  • Director:
    Vitalii Filatov
  • Address:
    4, Promyslova St., Zhashkiv, 19200
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  • Phone:
    +38 (047) 476-0771
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  • Fax:
    +39 (047) 476-0770
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More Information

Väderstad AB - Swedish company, manufacturer of multifunctional equipment, which has occupied a leading position in premium segment of the European market tillage and planting equipment. Sure, we can say that these famous aggregates Väderstad as Carrier, TopDown, Opus, NZ Aggressive, Ferox rollers and Rolex Rexius, planters  Rapid, Tempo, BioDrill, Seed Hawk successfully used around the world. 

Reviews of satisfied customers during the years of activity Väderstad subsidiary in Ukraine, quality work of equipment’s in the field is a bright confirmation of the success and reliability of the organization, which is achieved through hard work of the whole team.