Jones East 8


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Jones East 8 is perhaps the Ukraine’s longest operating wholly western owned multi-disciplinary real estate company having started operations in 1992.  It owned, designed and built the first wholly western office – sold to Raiffeisen; it designed the first wholly western owned supermarket - Billa, managed the construction of the first wholly western owned hotel – the Radisson.

It is perhaps best known for its agency operations.  On the residential side it has placed almost all diplomatic missions and multinational companies in apartment and houses.  On the commercial side it has placed amongst others: Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, Group Schneider, World Health Organization, BBC, IMF, LG and GIZ.

Over time it has reinvested its earning in real estate and manages its own investments.  The company remains small and nimble.  Try us for residential or office needs and you’ll have a stepping stone to your most challenging real estate needs.  You’ll find our advice to be direct and unvarnished – as you would expect from a firm with continuous experience in Ukraine since 1992.

The company is headed up by English chartered architect Philip Hudson.