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Guest Speakers: Svetlana Georbelidze, Director at Visa Ukraine 
Yaryna Klyuchkovska, Managing director at GROU Public Affairs & Reputation Management Agency 
Moderator: Raisa Kulik, General director BRIK consulting, trainer & coach

Tuesday, March 17, 4:30PM – 7:00PM 
Chamber Office 

On March 17, Chamber WELDI community gathered to get inspired by stories featuring leadership journeys of prominent female CEOs - Ms. Yaryna Klyuchkovska, Managing Director at GROU, and Ms. Svetlana Georbelidze, Director at Visa Ukraine, as well as discuss the most challenging aspects of leadership.

How to bring energy into leadership? How to take challenges and lead a team through difficult times? How to inspire? How to drive and transform work with people? These are just some of the questions that the discussion revolved around.


Discussion Highlights

Leader + Team

Leadership is about two things: direction we are moving in, and people going with us. The biggest success comes when a person or a team believes in the purpose and in the leader who leads towards this purpose. You cannot be a leader if you do not have a team, if nobody follows you. But simply having a team is not enough. Leaders should believe in their teams, and be able to effectively engage them. Each victory should be recognized and celebrated with the team.

Leadership: Male vs. Female

Good leaders, male or female, have much more in common than they have differences. To be successful leaders, women do not need to compete with men. They should rather focus on realizing their strengths and potential. Women's leadership strengths are in their ability to adhere stronger to their principles and moral values, while being generally more flexible in relations with people. They also tend more to engage their teams and other stakeholders in the decision-making process. Women's key area for development though is their perfectionism and tendency to underestimate themselves.

Leadership in Crisis

Crisis is a crash test for a leader's reputation. But it is also an opportunity: investing your time and resources, especially in challenging times, always results in getting more in return in the long run. Your team will support you through crisis, if you inspire them by: taking and granting responsibility, driving change, and showing your own example of overcoming.

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